Notes from the Garden

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Partnering with Pollinators

Learn more about the beehives at Greenwood Gardens.

The Harmony of Greenwood Gardens

Learn more about the harmony that exists between the architecture, flora, and landscape at Greenwood.

The Timeless Elegance of Greenwood’s Teahouse

Learn more about the iconic Teahouse at Greenwood Gardens.

Embracing Early Spring Buds and Blossoms

Learn more about the appearance of our early spring buds and blossoms

Memories of Hills and Horses

Learn more about the Day and Blanchard families equine pursuits at Greenwood. Image: A Rookwood ceramic at the Carriage House, circa early 1920’s.

A Botanical Marvel Blooms at Greenwood

Learn more about the Christmas rose plants that are currently gracing our winter landscape with their delicate beauty.

Greenwood’s Allées: Pretty Trees All in a Row

Learn more about the breathtaking allées at Greenwood Gardens

Turning Over an Old Leaf

Learn about the role composting plays at Greenwood.

On the Job and Out in the Field

Learn more about the small flock of geese that play an important role in deterring Canada geese at Greenwood.

If These Walls Could Talk!

Greenwood is home to a beautiful example of Zuber wallpaper originally designed in 1804. Learn more about this historic wall covering.

Purposeful Layering for a Dramatic Garden

When selecting and combining plants to craft the captivating and dynamic spaces visitors love at Greenwood Gardens, we take into consideration a variety of elements that will be sure to delight the senses, including texture, size, and color.

Volunteers of a Different Sort

Self-sowers, as the name suggests, reproduce without human intervention, learn more about these plants at Greenwood Gardens.

A Timelessly Elegant Garden Feature

Learn more about the unique polyhedral sundial that adorns the path to the Summerhouse.

An Annual Affair

These fragrant, showy annuals are the perfect complement to spring bulbs. Learn about what we are planting this year.

A Woman Ahead of Her Time

In honor of Women’s History Month, we recognize a remarkable woman who called Greenwood home, Adelaide Frick Blanchard.

Support to Last Another Century

Careful restoration of the stone walls at Greenwood help maintain the history and beauty of this formal garden.

Counting On Our Feathered Friends

Greenwood participates in the National Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count.

Greenwood’s History of Canine Friends

Footage of Peter P. Blanchard, Jr. with his beloved pack of dogs at Greenwood Gardens between 1960 and 1970.

Putting the Garden to Bed for Winter

After the gates close for the season, Greenwood staff gets to work preparing the garden for winter.

An Encore Performance

The delicate white blooms of the Hepticodium miconides in summertime give way to a bright fall display of cherry red calyces.

History Beneath Our Feet

Greenwood is home to a collection of Fulper tiles in burnished shades of orange, green and blue.

Magnificent Evergreen Magnolias

The large and fragrant blossoms of the Magnolia grandiflora are a summertime delight.

A Passion for Peonies

As the season transitions from spring into summer, Greenwood’s peonies begin to open, providing an intriguing and delightful variety of colors and forms.

Spring Magnolias

Saucer and star magnolias are some of the first trees to bloom in the spring. Learn more about these beautiful trees at Greenwood.

Beauty in the Details

Learn about tree bark and the remarkable variety of textures, patterns and colors you can find in our collection of trees on your next visit to Greenwood.

Winter Scents

People are often surprised to learn that there are flowers that naturally bloom in the middle of winter. Learn more about three of the winter blooms we have here at Greenwood.

The Beauty of Greenwood

Please enjoy this video featuring the beauty of Greenwood Gardens during 2021. We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

The Sustaining Role of Leaves

Leaves provide much more than oxygen and shade. Learn the role leaves play in nature and what happens to them at Greenwood.

Talking Turkeys at Greenwood

The turkeys are Greenwood quite the showmen, fanning their tails and dragging their wings for female turkeys and visitors alike.

Greenwood’s Rookwood Legacy

The Rookwood tiles and ornaments decorating our Teahouse, Summer House and grottoes is one of the largest outdoor collections.

Candelabras and Conkers

Our Summer House is flanked by four Horse Chestnut trees. In this month’s Notes from the Garden, we explore the history and significance of these majestic trees as they come into bloom at Greenwood.

Treasuring the Sakura Moment

Japanese cherry trees signal a vibrant welcome to spring at Greenwood. In this month’s Notes from the Garden, we focus on these blossoms that have long captivated the world.

Living Fossils

Once only known through fossil records, the dawn redwood has become one of the world’s great conservation stories. Learn more about their interesting history.

The Important Role of Snow in the Garden

Though it may not be everyone’s favorite form of precipitation, snow plays an important role in the gardens. Learn about how snow protects, nourishes, and insulates the plants at Greenwood.

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