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17 April 2023

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An Annual Affair

An Annual Affair

The garden comes to life just in time for visitors to return each season as the spring bulbs begin to put on their show of colors. Each year our head of horticulture, Sonia Uyterhoeven, carefully selects annuals to complement the color scheme of the bulbs that were planted in the fall. Cool season annuals provide depth and dimension to the garden and help extend the color in the garden between the mid-spring and late-spring blooming bulbs. Here is a short list of annuals that will be planted at Greenwood and may be perfect for home gardens, as well:

English Daisies, Bellis perennis Bellissima™ Red

Look for these cheerful flowers around the Garden of the Gods. English daisies have been a preferred choice for spring bedding for a long time, particularly in regions with mild winters. These biennial plants usually last through one season but self-seed to provide future generations. The strain is known for flowering well even in the first year, with adorable little double button flowers that are bright red in color. Regular removal of faded flowers helps to keep plants blooming well into the summer. Often used to underplant tulips in large public landscapes, English daisies are an excellent addition to any garden, including containers or tubs.

Diascia Sundiascia® ‘Upright Blush White’

Sundiascia® is a stunning addition to any garden or border. This plant offers a unique, upright habit with tall stems displaying bold 3″ flower spikes. The large flowers are white in color, attracting bees and butterflies, and blooming from spring through summer.


Around the First Tee, along the West Walk, and around the Reflecting Pool Terrace you will find several types of nemesias. True to their name, nemesias are a must-have in every fragrant garden. With large flowers, vibrant colors, and intense fragrance, these flowers add to the sensory experience of any garden. If you look closely at the flowers on nemesia you will see that they are in the same botanical family as snapdragons.

Nemesia Escential® ‘Pinkberry’

The Escential® variety is the most heat-tolerant nemesia available, providing an array of colors from early spring to fall. This cultivar bears large bicolor pink and white flowers, exuding a strong fragrance. These plants have a compact and round habit. This cultivar can be found around the First Tee and along the West Walk.

Nemesia Escential® ‘Strawberry’

The large bicolor purple and pink flowers of this varietal are highly scented. They are compact and vibrant, providing months of color. Look for them around the Reflecting Pool Terrace.

Nemesia Penhow® Aroma Yellows™ ‘Banana Split’

These long-blooming annuals have small, dark green foliage with large flowers. The pure white upper petals provide a striking contrast with the heartwarming sunshine-yellow of the lower petals. Look for them around the First Tee.