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Greenwood Gardens Photography Policy

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors,
reservations are required in advance.
Entry is by vehicle only.

Greenwood Gardens Photography Policy

We take pride in knowing that Greenwood’s formal gardens, 1920s architecture, statuary and unique collection of Rookwood ceramic tiles all serve as an inspiring backdrop for creative photographic output. Because we recognize that visitors to Greenwood will want to capture the beauty of our historic site on their cameras, we maintain a strict photography policy that ensures both the quality of the visitor experience and protects our historic site from damage.

We ask for your cooperation in adhering to the following rules to ensure Greenwood remains a place where all visitors can come to connect with nature and experience rejuvenation and healing:

Amateur Photography

Greenwood permits amateur (non-professional) photographers to take pictures only with cell phones or pocket-sized cameras on general visitation days. No other equipment may be used.

We DO NOT permit:

  • Tripods
  • Formal posed portrait photography of individuals, families, or other groups, nor of special occasions including weddings, engagements, pregnancies, birthdays, proms, graduations, and others, whether by professional, semi-pro, or amateur photographers
  • Drone photography

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we encourage visitors to take and share their photos of flora, fauna, and other features of the garden, be aware that Greenwood reserves the right to determine what constitutes a formal posed photography session and will curtail sessions that do not fit our guidelines noted above.

Commercial Photography

Greenwood is available for commercial photography and film shoots. Located less than an hour from New York City, Greenwood is a 28-acre historically significant early twentieth century landscape. Set within a preserve of forest and meadow, the landscape combines formal Italianate gardens, rustic mossy pathways, colorful Arts and Crafts follies, and ornamentation. This timeless setting provides a unique backdrop for commercial photography shoots. For more information and pricing, contact Rich Murphy at (973) 258-4026, ext. 11 or by email at

Chess King Statue

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