Purposeful Layering for a Dramatic Garden

When selecting and combining plants to craft the captivating and dynamic spaces visitors love at Greenwood Gardens, we take into consideration a variety of elements that will be sure to delight the senses, including texture, color, and size. Here are some examples of how we have created dramatic spaces in the garden using these approaches:

An Exercise in Contrast


One of the key tactics we use to create texture in the garden is through placement of contrasting foliage. We select plants with diverse leaf shapes, sizes, and surface textures. For instance, the spiky blades of the Yucca filamentosa ‘Color Guard’ complement the frilly texture of the Butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa, and the flat-topped umbels of the yarrow, Achillea millefolium ‘Sunny Seduction.’ The juxtaposition of these contrasting textures results in a lush and satisfying sense of depth in the bed surrounding the D-shaped Pool.

A Many-Hued Approach


Texture goes hand in hand with color, so we take advantage of the rich palette of foliage and flower hues available. Brilliant pops of orange and white punctuate the light blue hues of Salvia ‘Blue Chill’ – a new plant introduction for 2023.  In contrast, the creamy blooms of the Chinese pearlbloom tree, Poliothyrsis sinensis, create a pleasing backdrop to this pergola on the Main Lawn.

A Matter of Size


Experimenting with plants of varying leaf sizes allows us to acheive a sense of scale and balance. Broad-leaved plants like the Colocasia esculenta ‘Tea Cup’ elephant ears provide a lush and bold texture as they arise from behind this urn in the Teahouse Pool, while the compact and cheerful blooms of the white fan flower, Scaevola Surdiva® ‘White,’ make for a pleasing solidity in the foreground. Contrasting different plant sizes helps develop a harmonious and visually striking design in any garden bed.

The artful blending of texture, color, and size is a sure way to create a breathtaking garden that shifts with the seasons, serving as a living canvas that is always evolving. When you step into the textured and colorful wonderland at Greenwood, we hope you will feel a deep connection with nature and find peace and inspiration to take home to your own garden.