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25 February 2021

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The Important Role of Snow in the Garden

The Important Role of Snow in the Garden

Every snowstorm elicits conflicting emotions and more snowfall today has everyone asking, “When will it stop?!” Every seasoned gardener knows that a deep blanket of snow is good for both our gardens and surrounding landscape, despite the time and effort it takes to plow out. A deep blanket of airy flakes insulates the soil and protects plants from being heaved out of the soil due to extreme temperature fluctuations. It also protects small rhododendrons, heathers and other evergreens from cold, desiccating winds.

On a much larger scale, snow cover helps to regulate the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. When it melts, all that moisture seeps down to thirsty roots and replenishes streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Consequently, the deep snowfall that covers Greenwood and surrounding communities benefits gardens everywhere, treasured naturalized landscapes, and our life-sustaining ecosystem.

The beautiful aerial photograph is courtesy of local photographer Gianpaolo Fabiano.