The Harmony of Greenwood Gardens

At Greenwood there exists a captivating synergy, wherein the landscape and floral masterworks set the stage for breathtaking architectural beauty to shine. Each turn along our winding pathways reveals a new vista and the interplay between garden, stone pathways, structure, sculpture, and sky. By providing this rich, immersive experience, Greenwood  invites visitors to wander and ponder amidst the harmonious blend of art and nature in this unique garden oasis.

The choice of plants at the D-Shaped Pool harkens back to the Day era. The mounding and upright plants create a rhythmic movement and complement the fountain, ensuring that this focal point in the Reflecting Pool Terrace does not merely stand apart as an isolated artifact, but instead is woven into the very fabric of the garden design.

The Garden of the Gods is nestled within a carefully curated landscape of low-growing flowering shrubs and foliage which creates a textural tapestry around the fountain. The reciprocity between the historic fountain, original sculptures, aggregate walkway, intricate trellises, and the lush gardens that encompass this space in the garden creates a sense of peace and tranquility.

The interplay between the Cascade and the flora in and around its slopes exemplifies how thoughtful garden design can create a breathtaking environment. Through the seamless integration of architecture and horticulture, this evolving landscape respects the past while engaging with the present, offering a serene and picturesque vista for all who gaze upon its unique beauty.

Whimsical limestone sculptures emerge as timeless guardians of artistic expression, their forms gracefully merging with the landscape. Each sculpture adds a layer of intrigue to the garden’s narrative.

The Summerhouse offers a serene spot for contemplation, its rustic charm enhanced by the sunlight dancing through the lush foliage of four strategically planted horse chestnut trees, Aesculus hippocastanum, each over 100 years old. The meticulously curated plantings at the Summerhouse and Teahouse, featuring collections of epimedium, ferns, Japanese maples, and mountain hydrangea, evoke a fairytale-like mood in these garden rooms.

Greenwood presents a captivating blend of lush gardens and historic structures, creating a unique fusion of natural and architectural excellence. Offering visitors a richly immersive experience that bridges past and present in a scenic garden oasis, Greenwood is a one-of-a-kind garden in our beautiful Garden State.