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Dear Friends,

As soon as you drive through the gates at Greenwood Gardens, you can’t help but be overtaken by feelings of pleasure and peace achieved through the experience of natural beauty and a link to an unhurried past. As we like to say, Greenwood represents “a world apart” from the busy lives we lead. It offers us a unique opportunity to take the time we need to restore our connection to nature, and in the process, experience a profound sense of well‐being.

In sharing his thoughts for our latest newsletter, Arthur T. Vanderbilt II, a member of Greenwood’s board of trustees, writes:

“When I park and walk to the side of the mansion to look out over the seemingly endless forest of South Mountain Reservation and gaze out at the clouds, breathe in that fresh air, and hear nothing but the sound of the wind in the leaves and the birds in the trees, I am filled, every time, with overwhelming gratitude that this treasure of New Jersey is right here for all of us to cherish.”

Because you understand how meaningful an impact Greenwood Gardens has on everyone who visits, as well as the value it brings to the surrounding community, you can also appreciate how important it is to maintain the quality of Greenwoods’ physical condition and programmatic offerings for people of all ages and from all walks of life. We rely on your generous support to help us do that.

With your help, we can ensure that Greenwood Gardens flourishes year‐round. We greatly appreciate your loyal support, and ask that you consider contributing to our Annual Fund this year. The Annual Fund has proven to be a critical source of support for plant purchases and garden maintenance; educational programs in horticulture, birding, nature studies, photography and cooking; and events like our Jazz Picnic and Bees, Birds & Butterflies that provide enjoyment for the entire family. Please make your gift today!

On behalf of the Greenwood staff and board, we wish you a warm and fun‐filled Holiday Season and a New Year marked by peace and prosperity.

Abby O’Neill
Executive Director

Peter P. Blanchard III
Chairman of the Board

Donate Now

P.S. Consider a gift of Greenwood Membership for your friends and family. This present will be appreciated all year long!

If you prefer, click: “Download Donate Form” to download and print out a form to mail to Greenwood Gardens. If you would like more information on making a gift please call 973-258-4026.