Rules for Photography at Greenwood Gardens

The following rules apply to all Greenwood Gardens guests taking photographs.
Please see staff if you have questions.
These rules apply at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.
For an explanation of our policy please read below*

Casual Personal Photography-No Permit Required:

Casual personal photography includes use of small pocket cameras or camera phones to take photos. No photography equipment may be used: No tripods, monopods, reflectors, props, scrims or additional lighting are allowed without a photo permit. A built-in camera flash is not considered additional lighting. Kite or drone photography is not allowed.

Guests registered for a Greenwood Gardens photography class may use single lens reflex cameras, tripods and equipment during class hours only. Photography is permitted for personal use only. Please, do not step into or place tripods in garden beds and respect the wishes of other visitors.

Formal Posed Photography:

Greenwood Gardens is pleased to offer the services of professional photographer, Joy Yagid of Joy Yagid Photography LLC, for individual, family, or group portraits, product photography, or portfolio photography in Greenwood Gardens. Please contact Joy directly via her website to make an appointment at

Wedding Photography-Permit Required

Please be aware that there are fees to use Greenwood Gardens as the location for professional photography. Greenwood Gardens issues a limited number of professional photography permits each season. These single-use permits include wedding photography, individual or family portraits, product photography, or portfolio photography. Fees start at $1000.

Wedding photographers must apply for a permit 3 weeks in advance of the desired date. All wedding photographers must provide:
–A certificate of insurance naming Greenwood Gardens as “additional insured”
–A signed contract/permit provided by Greenwood Gardens
–A list of participants and number of vehicles that will be arriving on the day of the shoot. Parking is limited and accommodations for limousines or buses must be made in advance.
Fees: $1000.00 fee must be paid 2 weeks prior to the shoot. This fee applies to a 2 hour session. Over 2 hours will be charged $250.00 for every 15 minute interval that exceeds the first two hours.

Permits should be with you at all times and may be requested by Greenwood Gardens staff for verification. Permit fees are non-refundable. In the event of inclement weather, the photography session may be rescheduled.

Please call (973) 258-4026, ext. 11 or email Director of Operations, Rich Murphy to apply for a permit.

Commercial Photography

Greenwood Gardens is available for commercial photography. Located less than an hour from New York City, Greenwood Gardens is a historically significant early twentieth century landscape. Set within a preserve of forest and meadow, the landscape combines formal Italianate gardens, rustic mossy pathways, and colorful Arts and Crafts ornamentation. This timeless 28-acre setting provides a unique backdrop for commercial photography. For more information and pricing, please contact us at (973) 258-4026, ext. 11 or email

Why We Must Restrict Cameras at Greenwood Gardens

The visitor experience at Greenwood Gardens is paramount. Our mission is to connect people with nature in an historic garden oasis. We simply will not allow professional and amateur photographers to overwhelm the Garden to the detriment of the visitor experience. There have been numerous instances where individuals have taken photographs of plants, friends or family members while endangering our unique –and fragile– historic features. Some have even climbed on walls, statues and benches to get their shots. This has made it difficult for guests to enjoy the Garden as it was intended, as a respite from the pressures of everyday life. We hope you understand and we will try to give photography enthusiasts every opportunity possible to photograph Greenwood Gardens on special program days.