March Storms Delay Spring Opening

Short Hills and its surrounding communities were hard hit by last month’s ferocious storms and not surprisingly, Greenwood Gardens is one of many locations that have suffered from these unexpected natural events. Downed trees, broken limbs and branches, and crushed hedges, shrubs and fences are among the damages to the property.

Based on the professional assessment of our tree expert, Greenwood has decided to delay both our Member Preview Day and Opening Day, April 27 and May 3, respectively, until complete clean-up and pruning can take place. We invite all members of the Greenwood community to check our website and Facebook page for daily updates on when you’ll be able to stroll freely throughout the garden and our continuing program schedule. CLICK HERE to check out all the programs you can continue to enjoy at Greenwood, including our Spring Benefit and Luncheon and Members Jazz Picnic!